File sharing gets faster and bigger with Globus

Mar 7, 2019

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An infographic showing key facts about Globus as a software as a service and a platform as a service.

There are over 1,000 institutions, 37,000 active users, and 12,000 active endpoints that are connected to the Globus service for file sharing.

Do you spend precious time worrying about how to share your large datasets and files? Are you looking for faster and easier ways to transfer research data and multimedia with your colleagues, at Northeastern or other institutions?

Often times you will have to shuffle the files around before uploading to cloud storage. Then you have to share a link with your collaborators, who have to download it on their end. With gigabytes – and sometimes terabytes – of data this can be a slow process. Or your cloud storage may not be able to handle the size of your upload. Other times you may have sensitive data. In that case, security is a concern. Perhaps the link expires after a certain time frame, and then it will have to be shared all over again.

Northeastern is partnering with Globus to offer a reliable, fast, and secure solution for transferring files and data. Now, you can spend less time worrying about sharing your files and more time on research and innovation.

Share Your Data with Globus

Globus is a data management platform used by researchers and others who need to share files globally. It allows users to transfer and sync Big Data and other files directly from one secure endpoint to another.

With Northeastern’s subscription, you can connect your own laptop or system as an endpoint and send to any other endpoint in the Globus network to which you have access rights. ITS will begin rolling out various Globus-managed endpoints, including the Discovery high-performance computing cluster.

Northeastern’s subscription will also provide you access to the web application for moving your data quickly and reliably. With the Globus publish tool, another available feature, you can make your datasets easily discovered and re-used.

When to Use Globus

ITS offers a range of network and storage solutions for file sharing and collaboration. Globus is a fast, reliable, and secure option for your largest files and datasets. OneDrive is best for personal storage under 1 terabyte (TB) and Sharepoint can be used for file sharing with other Northeastern users, up to 25 TB. With Globus, you can make much larger file transfers with endpoints around the world.

How to Get Started

You can start using Globus now using just your web browser to move your data. Read the Globus tutorial to learn how to login using your Northeastern single sign-on and visit the Globus web app to get started.

In the coming weeks, you will be able to install Globus Connect Personal to make your personal computer a Global endpoint. Researchers will also be able to use the Discovery cluster servers as an endpoint.

We think that Globus will be a seamless and welcome addition to your file sharing activities and allow for even greater collaboration. Learn more about Globus on their website.

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